4. Collaborating

The success of a file format is only determined by the extent of its adoption. For this reason we greatly welcome any feedback and contribution from interested users.

The Photon-HDF5 project consist of these parts:

  1. Reference Documentation (i.e. this document).
  2. Examples on reading Photon-HDF5 in multiple languages.
  3. phconvert: reference python library for writing and converting Photon-HDF5 files.

All the sources (including for the documentation) are hosted on GitHub and we encourage to open GitHub Issues in the documentation repository to discuss any topic related Photon-HDF5. You can also contact us by email, but we prefer to use GitHub in order to keep any discussion public.

Contributions (such as fixes or enhancements) can be sent using GitHub Pull Requests (PR). You can find guides on how to send a PR on the GitHub website. If have have any doubts, please contact us and we will be glad to help you getting started.

There are several ways you can get involved:

  • Sending feedback: if you use or plan to use Photon-HDF5 and have any comment or suggestion, please send it to us! Even if you don’t have any problem we would like to hear back about your use case. For this topic please open an issue in the documentation repository.
  • Documentation contributions: if you feel that some section of this document should be expanded or enhanced in any way, please feel free to open an issue or send a PR (see note above) on the documentation repository.
  • Contributing examples: you can send a new example on reading Photon-HDF5 files in a new language or for a different measurement type. Or simply send a fix for the current examples.
  • Contributing to phconvert: you can open issues to report bugs, discuss usage or propose enhancements. You are also more than welcome to send PR for fixes or enhancements to the library. The official repository is this one.

4.1. Contributions Acknowledgement

Any contributions to this document will be listed in the front page, just below the authors.

Contributions to the examples repository need to be under the MIT license and will retain the copyright notice of the original contributor.

Contributions to phconvert, currently, need to be under the GNU GPL v2 license. We are discussing to relicense phconvert to MIT license, so stay tuned.